Hardware Test

+==========================================================+ A Ne01 ERA of EUROPA Dimentializ presents:
*Ultra Modded Configuration Home-Made ( Chipped ,Modded , Forced & Tweaked; Overclocked), by  Ne01

Processor: AMD ZEN k17 8/16 BLACK EDITION 8x3,7GHz

(3.99GHz-4.12GHz Gaming OC ) > 5.1GHz for LN Overclock, Zeppelin Workstation 
>> Home Gaming Systems by Ne01™

MainBoard: Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VI x370 AM4, Ceramique ED, HYBRID Ready, CF, 4GHz NB (128GB/s Internal Bandwidth; 16 GT/s)

G-Skill RipJawsV AMD OC 16GB DDR4 2x8GB Dual: 3080MHz CL15-15-15-36 1T GD 1.417v  / Next: 32GB Gaming 4000MHz CL18-18-18-39 1T GD 1.45v

GPU: XFX/GB Radeon VEGA64 XTX Liquid Cooled Limited Edition 

HBM_2 & FreeSync 2 HDR 32Bit -ATI Tech-

Gaming Heavy: 1770/1100 1.075v +25%POW (4k/1440p Gaming Easy)
Gaming Medium: 1700/1100 1.050v +8%POW (1440p Easy)
Gaming Low: 1600/1100 1.000v -15%POW (2560:1440 up to 70FPS Easy)

MAX Mode Stable now: 1795/1125 1.150v +50%POW

Physics AGEIA:  285TX 1280MB 600MHz Hybrid-MODE 01 (Not used ATM)

Sound_Card: SB-Zx Gamer ED, PCIe Gold Plated with Nichicon “Fine Gold”  Japan-Plati Capacitors Mod (Hardware DTS™ , DolbyDigital™ )

PSU: XFX/Seasonic BlackEd. 760W/850W MAxOut Platinuum ED with Silver\OUreliUM All Japan Components

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master AiO WC Nepton 280L with Cold-Water MOD + Add 3200rpm Side Fan (Copper Solid™ Base & Radiator with HRSI™ )
1_SSD: 2xSamsung 850 Pro/Evo 512GB - for System & Games + cache
2_HDD: SEAGATE Baracuda 3TB SATA 6 128MB (9200 rpm) (RAID0 ready) - Games
3_HDD: SEAGATE 4TB 256MB SATA 6 (9200 rpm) - Storage

OS:  Win_X x64Bit Pro - Customized for xTreMe Gaming !

Optical_Drv: LG DVD-RW GH22LS50 LightScribe SATA II

CASE Type: BIG Tower Corsair 750D Obsidian SilentO MoD, Brushed Aluminium, 5 fans/dust free (CM/Corsair/AAB & DeepCool)

Monitor Neo LED: iiyama ProLite XUB2792QSU-B1 1440p 2-3ms 70-75Hz 10/12Bit with FreeSync™ [Low HDR Mode Ready: 400Nits 10Bit]

Keyboard: Razer Death-Stalker LED, 1000Hz Ultra Pooling 0.01ms Pro Gamer ED

Mouse 1: ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO 1000Hz Ultra Pooling 0.01ms 12000 CPI XtreME Gamer ED
MousePAD: ROCCAT Taito – Shiny Black Medium w/Silver Nano-Fibre-Matrix Surface

GamePad #1: PS4 DualShock4 for Gaming
GamePad #2: PS2 DualShock2 for Gaming
Headset for Pro xtreME Gamer: 
Sennheiser™ G4ME ONE
POW: 116dB | Frequency response: 15-28,000 Hz | Mic. 50-16,000Hz | Imp.: 150 Ω
With Dolby Atmos™ for Headphones
With Dolby Atmos™ for Headphones
With Dolby Atmos™ for Headphones

Sound System by:
Custom Genius SW-HF 5.1 Box w/PyramiD™
Interior parts, as Woofer & Amplituner >200W Sust. Elec.Output, Analog Input / Music Sound System (Wooden Oak) internal Hi/Fi™ CU 4mm cables; Better Crossovers, Solid Japan Capacitors  (Nichicon Black & Fine Gold) etc.

Sound Speakers 5.0 setup:

Magnat Vector 2 as
Front Stereo - POW: 80W / 120W | Response: 32 – 25000 Hz | imp.: 4 Ohm
Dimensions: 22,5cm x 34cm x 22,5 cm | weight: >8 kg (each)
PJ JAMO CC-6000b as
Central Speaker - POW: 70W / 100W | Response: 58 Hz ~ 23 KHz | imp.: 4-8 Ohm
Dimensions: 14cm x 43cm x 14cm | weight: >4kg

Magnat Monitor Supreme 102 as
2x Surround - POW: 60W / 120W | Sensitivity 89 dB | Response: 38 Hz ~ 36 KHz | imp.: 4-8 Ohm
Dimensions: 25cm x 15cm x 19cm - weight: >2.8kg (each)

Cables: Hi-Fi - Efi Pure Copper, Carbon (B&R Pure Copper CU 3.5mm w/Platinum endings)


My RIG (some changes accured, pic. not updated yet)

My Fury Nitro-X OC+

And my President Chair (Echter Leather/Wooden very Large)

For Game Tests Stable 4.0Ghz 1.375v 2940MHz CL14-14-14-34-50 1T
For OC Bench Tests Stable 4.05Ghz 1.417v 2940MHz CL14-14-14-34-50 1T

Fury-X at:
1050/570 -42mV (1.168v) +8%  ~POW 220tW

1120/570 +6mV (1.218v) +12% ~POW 250tW
1198/565 at 1.231v +25% ~POW 280tW

For Tests Stable 4.0Ghz 250FSB | 2.8GHz NB | 2.55GHz HT
2000MHz RAM CL9 1T 1.64v
GPU Sapphire NitroX OC+ 1050/570 1.212v +8% POW

For Gaming:
CPU 3.9GHz 1.45v 249FSB 2.8NB 2.55HT RAM: 2000 CL9 1T 1.64v
GPU Sapphire NitroX OC+ 933/570 1.212v -48mV -14% POW

For Benchmarks:
4.11GHz 1.53v 250FSB 2.8NB 2.55HT
GPU Sapphire NitroX OC+ 1120/570 1.212v +10% POW

Ultra OC -> Stable for some tests 4.33GHz 1.62v ;-) Temps less than 52 deg. cels.
Phase Change up to 5GHz 1.72v !
GPU Sapphire NitroX OC+ 1175/570 1.212v +48mV +12% POW

Some of My History with Gaming, in the Begining there was:

1.  Magnavox Odyssey Table Tennis 1972 (memorable Day)

2.  ATARI XL -> Commodore 64 -> Commodore 128

3.  AMIGA 500 -> 1200 -> 4000 (with AMIGA Monitor color/stereo)

4.  ATARI Jaguar

5.  PC Pentium 486 32MB with Gravis UltraSound on NT (DOOM !) -> P60 -> P90 (on CRT 15" then 17")

6.  Nintendo 64

7.  PC AMD K6-III 3D'now

8.  PC AMD Athlon XP-M 32bit on ABIT NF7 + 1GB RAM Dual + nV 6600 GT 256MB

9.  PC AMD Athlon 64FX + 2GB DDR Dual + SB X-Fi xTreme Gamer on 

Radeon X1950 512MB + CRT 22" CompaQ 1210

10. PSX 2 / X-Box 360

11. PC AMD Athlon X2 x64 4600+ 4GB DDR2 Dual on Radeon 3850 AGP

12. PC AMD Athlon X2 x64 4600+ 4GB DDR2 Dual on PCe nV 285GTX + Biostar NF500 AM2

13. Pentim  DualCore G6951 3GHz + 4GB Dual on nV 285GTX + EVGA P55 SLI

14. AMD Phenom II on ASUS Sabertooth 990FX (Current RIG)

NeXt will be AMD Zen+ 12-16 cores + DDR4 32-64GB



New Best September 2017yas for 1120/550 1.218v +12%POW

17.9.3 Sept27 ReLivE WHQL, WDDM 2.2x by Ne01™ on AMD ZEN k17 8/24 4.018GHz | 2941MHz CL14 1T

and Game Tests for 1050/550



New Best July 2017yas for 1120/569 1.218v +12%POW

17.7.1 July17 ReLivE WHQL, WDDM 2.2 by Ne01™ on AMD ZEN k17 8/24 4.018GHz | 2941MHz CL14 1T



                                                     And Some Standard Tests for Gaming:

                                            CPU at 3.8GHz XFX 7970GHz on  1150/1600 :

                     And New Tests on CAT 13.11Bv2 4.06Ghz 246FSB XFX on 1180/1650

                      And New Tests on CAT 13.11 Beta v6, 4.07Ghz 246FSB XFX on 1180/1650


        And the CAT 13.30 RC3 Beta  4.07Ghz 246FSB XFX on 1179/1650  1260v +20 Power

                            CAT 14.3 Beta  4.07Ghz 246FSB XFX on 1180/1650  1260v +20 Power

                                                  3.94GHz - 246FSB - RAM 1645 CL8

                                            CAT 13.12 XFX DD GHz Default and 1180/1650

                                          CAT 14.3 Beta XFX DD GHz Default and 1180/1650

                                                   XFX  Stock 1920:1440 75Hz Ultra Q

                                          CAT 14.4 RC1 XFX DD GHz Default & 1180/1650

                                                   XFX  Stock 1920:1440 75Hz Ultra Q

           The New Specs :
           Phenom II 4.1GHz 232FSB 1.48v 2.8GHz NB 2.36GHz HT
          Corsair Black 1866 MHz 1.57v CL9 2T (
       Cooled by CM Nepton 280L (1Fan) MAX temp 48 deg. celsius
        XFX DD GHzED Default 1.169v & 1179/1650 1.26v          
CAT 14.6 Beta R1.1

         The New Specs :
       Phenom II 4.1GHz 232FSB 1.48v 2.8GHz NB 2.12GHz HT
      Corsair Black 1866 MHz 1.59v CL9 1T (
      Cooled by CM Nepton 280L MAX temp 48 deg. celsius
         XFX DD GHzED Default 1.169v & 1179/1650 1.260v

And my OC Mega Score:


   The New Specs :
      Phenom II 4.1GHz 232FSB 1.49v 2.8GHz NB 2.55GHz HT
        Corsair Black 1866 MHz 1.59v CL9 2T (
        Cooled by CM Nepton 280L MAX temp 48 deg. celsius
         XFX DD Black R280X Default 1050/1550 1.175v and 1075/1650 1.218v
        RAID 0 Supported by SanDisk SSD Ultra II as cache


Now im waiting for Win10 update or RTM ;-)
So next Tests will be in DX12 tier 3 GCN on Win_10 MC.Ed


So Win_X is Here and DX12 Up & Running Great !

Let's look on Some Early Tests in DX12

CPU: 3.97GHz 248FSB NB 2.75GHz HT 2.55GHz
RAM RipJawsX ~2000MHz CL9 1T 1.63v


3D Mark API Overhead Test Mantle/DX12:
XFX 280X 1025/1500 1.63v +20% POW

OC don't work for 3Dmark ;-) some bug lol


Ashes of the Singularity DX12 Heavy Bench
Full + CPU Only

Game Benchmark runs smooth as a butter ;-)
I think we have revolution in DX12
THX goes to AMD/ATI for Mantle !
Khronos for OGL Vulcan !
and MpS for DX12 API with 3 diferent feature levels ! 


Custom MOD 16.7.3WHQL + 16.300.2201.0 July 7 WHQL:

FireStrike P 3.91GHz
10.700 - GPU: 15.399 PhY: 8145 \ 1050/570 -42mV 0% POW 247tW

FireStrike P 4.00GHz
11.117 - GPU: 15.544 PhY: 8476 \ 1050/570 0mV +8%  POW 258tW
11.478 - GPU: 16.735 PhY: 8481 \ 1120/570 0mV +10% POW 268tW

FireStrike X 4.00GHz
7048 - GPU: 8077 PhY: 8491 \ 1125/570 0mV +12% POW 280tW
6943 - GPU: 8035 PhY: 8479 \ 1120/570 0mV +10% POW 275tW

935/550    1.212v -48mV -14%POW 55%Fan -> 61 154 45 (170tW / HBM 10tW) - FPS CAP 61

Best FireStrike P 4.00GHz GPU score 1122MHz = 16.816

Waiting for ZEN x8/16 now to finally change my archaic x6 CPU ;-)


My BIOS with Unlocked All CU's + Timing Mod + HBM Voltage Mod to 1.319v



  1. Do testów bedę używał wartości nie maksymalnych, tylko takich w jakich gram czyli Full Stabilne ! gdy będę używał wartości maksymalnych zaznaczę przed testami ! Zapraszam

  2. For the Games tests i will use the Normal oC that im using for actual gaming.
    No xTreme just normal OC for Playing 12h ;-)