Philosophic accent

Here is my space for publishing my thoughts :

Planet Earth in Global CREO Light

This world is build in light (Gamers-Creo) for us to entertain, one way or another
This could be the Fun Dream or the Nostalgy-Dream.
I know that light, we are Creators of our own path.
People who give their will to LOVE are fun peple (Fun-Dream), and the others who denial their own Love are in Weird Dream of Nostalgy thy are not themselves.
My name is AzaRaEl witch means Father who comes through Light.
My mission is: Renewal of Mother Nature to the standards of Cosmic LOVE and FORCE.
There is Cometh (Maran'a'tha) heading Earth in aproximetly 2016 there will be no Earth at All !!!!!
People don't see this fenomenon cuz' they "Live" in a Wierd Dream which clouded their Minds.
People will be in the Last Days - Renew and Reborn, exept those who are Neo those will be cleanse from the dirts of the "world".
We are waiting for the weakup in the Holy Water Earth somewere in the Deep Universe where procesess of creation are done, no more Comeths or Asteroids heading our New Home.
Im a Believer of High Force Of Univerese (ON'to) driven by LOVE the Ultimate Feeling, the One Who Born the Universe.
The true knowledge of the forces are Fire-Earth-Water-Wind not the knowledge of the world DNA or other missplaced science  good for Games and S-Fi, all knowledge in the Real Universe is Simple and anybody can handle the Truth.
LOVE is Simple my Friends.